[Michel Bras Recipe] “STRAWBERRY TERRINE with coconut, and strawberry sauce”


“Strawberries and coconut: an unexpected combination of local seasonal fruits with exotic fruits, and a perfect feast of colors and flavors to celebrate Mother’s Day on a sweet note. Heart shaped strawberries create a dessert filled with love…
-Michel Bras”

20 mins to prepare, at least 2 hours before serving.
Ingredients for 8 servings :
21 oz. Strawberries
2,8 oz. Shredded Coconut
5,6 oz. Sugar
2,8 oz. Butter
4,2 oz. Fresh cream
2 Tblsp of water
0,14 oz. Gelatin

For the strawberry sauce:
7 oz. Strawberries
1,4 oz. Sugar

-Strawberries: Wash them, drain on a clean cloth.
-Put gelatin in cold water to soften
-Mix shredded coconut, water, sugar, soften butter in a mixer bowl for a smooth texture.
-Bring 1 oz. of the fresh cream to boil and melt the gelatin in it.
-Mix gradually to the coconut mixture, and keep aside.

-Whip the remaining 3,2 oz. of fresh cream and gently mix into the coconut cream.
-Fill the bottom of a terrine mold with half cut strawberries put horizontally. Leave as little space as possible in between as the terrine should emphasize strawberries over coconut! Cover with a layer of coconut cream, repeat alternating fruits and cream layers.

-Cover with a film and set in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
-Mix strawberries with sugar for the strawberry sauce.

Unmold by heating sides and bottom of the mold with hot water, then pour the sauce on the side and garnish with some fresh green such as mint.



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