[Story] “Discover the Finest Meat and Charcuterie at Maison Conquet in Laguiole”


Laguiole might be know for its knife tradition, it also known for one of the best butcher and charcuterie in France. A family business run today by the third generation owner, Mr. Lucien Conquet, la Maison Conquet is famous for its outstanding meat, dry and fresh sausages, and a variety of amazing « pâté » and terrines.

As the main dealer for the excellent Aubrac beef, one of the finest quality beef in the country, it caters to prestigious restaurants such as Maison Bras of course, but also in Paris which represents 60% of its business. When you see a Parisian menu boasting « our meat/charcuterie from Maison Conquet », you will know that it comes from the meat shop right in the heart of Laguiole village.

A recipient of numerous awards, and a longtime favorite of Gault & Millau and other gourmet guide books, Maison Conquet offers the finest charcuterie including traditional recipe such as « fricandeau » and « fritons », as well as a wide range of exceptional of pâté and terrine prepared with pork, duck, or game in the purest tradition.


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