Easy summer sorbets recipe : Celery leaf sorbet and strawberry sorbet

Here comes the summer! Sorbets are an easy yet wonderful way to celebrate seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Sébastien and I enjoy using celery for dessert plates, including a coulant. Celery has a distinct flavor combined with mildness that makes it a unique and savory ingredient for desserts including sorbet. And a sorbet is a perfect way to fully enjoy strawberry’s sweet and sour flavor.

Celery leaf sorbet
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Boost your dishes in Bras style, using the punch and flavor of candied citrus

About 30 years ago, I created my own seasonings I call “niacs”, a mixture of various ingredients to boost my dishes. It can include herbs, seeds, nuts, and others. Citrus zest play a key role in my niacs because Sébastien and I love the fragrance and punch they bring to a wide variety of dishes, from starters, main to dessert, including our Gargouillou. 

This is how we came up with a brand new tool called “Le Moulin”, that can grind an amazing range of ingredients including candied citrus zests, in order to boost dishes with unique blends of fragrance and textures. Le Moulin is a fantastic tool that grinds various ingredients at once, to create instant “niacs” according to your mood and inspiration.

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Aubrac, a constant source of inspiration . by Michel Bras

Michel Bras never left the Aubrac plateau in southwestern France, where he grew up and established his restaurant near Laguiole village. A vast high plateau where the sky has no limit, Aubrac is the realm of natural beauty. Maison Bras was designed as an open window to the ever changing lights and colors of Aubrac for the guests to enjoy them as a part of the whole dining experience. “Gargouillou”, the Bras signature dish, was inspired like many others by this exceptional environment. Prepared with over 60 varieties of seasonal flowers, vegetables, seeds and herbs, the dish celebrates the nature and beauty of this magical plateau. Michel tells about his fascination in his own words.

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Bras Crème caramel, a family recipe

“Mémé” Bras have passed on her passion for cooking to son Michel and grandson Sébastien, and her recipes have been preciously kept by her family. Here is her recipe for a French classic dessert and an all-time favorite. All you need is eggs, milk, sugar, and some vanilla for flavor.


“So rich, smooth and tasty, here is Mémé Bras “crème renversée” (overturned custard) as we call baked custard in French. “

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Bras to open in Paris next spring 2021

IMG_7517 2.jpg

The Bras café-restaurant “La Halle aux Grains” Bourse de Commerce Pinault Collection will be located right under this impressive glass dome, decorated with a 400 meters-long panoramic fresco.  

The Bras restaurant annual opening was delayed by two months and a half due to the current corona virus crisis. Since June 17th, Maison Bras in Laguiole is welcoming guests again, and Café Bras in the nearby Musée Soulages in Rodez,  also reopened mid-May. This year, the Bras were also due to open their first Parisian restaurant inside the Bourse de Commerce Pinault Collection, but this opening too was postponed to next spring 2021.

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Laguiole Cheese : Reviving tradition in the last “buron”


A centuries-old cheese culture

Cheese is deeply rooted in Aubrac culture. The famous Aubrac breed, beef and dairy cattle with a wheat-colored coat, are part of the landscape.
“Lou Mazuc”, the first Bras restaurant opened by Michel’s mother Mémé Bras in Laguiole village, was named after a famous song celebrating buroniers, these men who produced Laguiole cheese in shepherd’s huts called burons, or masuc in Occitan language.

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