All about “NIAC” : a Bras secret touch


In French, “avoir la niac” (“having the niac“) means being optimistic, energetic, and never giving up. About 30 years ago, Michel Bras started to create and use special seasonings to boost, deepen, spice up his dishes.
Then with Sebastien, they created categories to use in various meat, fish, vegetable, or dessert dishes.

Made of citrus zest, various spices, vegetable oils, vinegar, and other secret ingredients, the Niacs play a major role in all Bras dishes, as a feast for the eyes and the palate.
Niacs being “painted” on the plate for preparing Bras signature dish: the Gargouillou.
Gargouillou made of up to 70 varieties of vegetables, seeds flowers, grains.
Niacs come in powder or as spreads, to play not only with flavors and colors but also textures too.
For rare spices, the Bras work with Olivier Roellinger, another former Michelin three star chef and owner of Epices Roellinger, a sophisticated spice store in Paris.

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