Aubrac, a constant source of inspiration . by Michel Bras

Michel Bras never left the Aubrac plateau in southwestern France, where he grew up and established his restaurant near Laguiole village. A vast high plateau where the sky has no limit, Aubrac is the realm of natural beauty. Maison Bras was designed as an open window to the ever changing lights and colors of Aubrac for the guests to enjoy them as a part of the whole dining experience. “Gargouillou”, the Bras signature dish, was inspired like many others by this exceptional environment. Prepared with over 60 varieties of seasonal flowers, vegetables, seeds and herbs, the dish celebrates the nature and beauty of this magical plateau. Michel tells about his fascination in his own words.

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S├ębastien BRAS interview on Michelin stars (Sept.2017)

“Why I declined the Michelin stars” S├ębastion BRASM&B1

I wish to waive the Sacred Graal of gastronomy.This 3rd star is a dream for dozens of chefs but I’ve decided I didn’t want it anymore.Just like sportsmen declining medals,actors declining Oscars.Among the 50 clients who come each day for lunch and for dinner,there might be inspectors checking if our restaurant lives up to Michelin’s expectations,and this causes a permanent tension,which I don’t want anymore. Continue reading