[Michel Bras Recipe] Father’s Day special CLAFOUTIS AUX CERISES (with black cherries) – simple & seasonal delights without fuss

Here is a simple and delicious fruitcake from the French countryside, so easy that even children could prepare it. Celebrate Father’s Day with the help of your little ones, and enjoy the best of the season : juicy, plump black cherries.

Originally from Southern Central France, the name (pronouce “kla-fou-tee”) comes from the word « clafir » which means « to fill », as it is mostly about filling the pan with fruits and batter. 

A versatile recipe that could also be prepared with other fruits, such as plums, apricots, pears, black cherry version is the most traditional one. You should always choose your fruits ripe. Leaving the pits is another rule for clafoutis, as it brings a nutty flavor and also prevents the juice to mix with the batter.


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[Michel Bras Recipe] Mémé Bras PETIT-BEURRE CAKE

The allure of a layer cake but so easy that even a child can make it !

 Here is a quick, simple and delicious recipe to celebrate Mother’s Day with your little ones. Told by my grandma to my mother, all you need are traditional French cookies called « Petit-Beurre » with a few basic ingredients. Decoration is freestyle and you can shape it and layer it as you wish. You can also add some grated lemon zest to the cream for a refreshing taste, or add cocoa powder for a chocolate version. I like it fresh when it is still crunchy, but also when the cookies have soaked and softened in the cream.

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[Story] RCR Arquitectes wins 2017 Pritzker Prize for Architecture

In May of 2017, the Pritzker Prize will be presented in Tokyo to the 3 principals of RCR Arquitectes: Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta. The prize is the highest accolade in the world of architecture and has never been awarded to a three people team before. When it was announced on March 2nd, Michel Bras and Pierre Soulages rejoiced.   One of the teams’ more recent projects was the Soulages Museum and Café Bras in Rodez.
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[Michel BRAS Recipe] Warm Bourriols

“Bourriol belong to the crepe and galette family, along with blini,pancake…

From the tip of Bretagne to the highlands of Central Asia, cereal flours have been mixed with water or milk, and fermented with some yeast, fulfilling the apetite of all mankind throughout history. In Aubrac region, flour used to be replaced by mashed potatos to prepare this « bread for the poor ».

I propose to use both in my recipe.

 An instant recipe you can prepare right in front of your guests. A delicious smell would soon bring a moment of shared warmth and happiness…

Michel BRAS


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[Michel BRAS Recipe] Valentine special: Italian Ice cream La crème glacée à l’italienne

A quick and easy recipe to melt together with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. This smooth and milky ice cream can be flavored with chocolate, hazelnuts, peanuts, coffee…according to your whims and also the resources of your pantry. Preparing them with the finest products from maison BRAS brand will enhance their flavor and transform a simple ice cream into a festive and delicious treat.


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