Michel Bras recipe – Mother’s Day Special: Honey & Butter Apple Compote

Here is a sweet and easy way to share your love with your mom on her special day. Let the fruit of love get slowly soaked with honey and butter, for a warm and mellow celebration.


This is a delicious and old fashioned way to cook caramel that I just love… You won’t regret taking your time and letting the apples slowly absorb the honey & butter caramel, with that fragrant hint of vanilla!

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Aligot and the Bras : a family thread


Aligot is a regional dish prepared with mashed potatoes, butter and a local fresh cheese known as “tome”. In a traditional style, aligot is cooked in a big cauldron over the fire in “burons”, Aubrac typical shepherd’s huts. Its elastic texture is stretched with a large, paddle-like spoon. Using tome cheese, which should be fresh but not too much, gives the unique texture that makes this dish so special.

Aligot has always been served at Bras restaurant to all customers, with the main dish. And for many years, it was Michel’s mother, Angèle, who was in charge in the kitchen to prepare it. As former cook and owner of auberge Lou Mazuc, where she trained young Michel, she knew exactly how to transform plain and simple ingredients into this delicious dish.


After she retired, Michel then Sébastien, continue to serve aligot to every guest. As Sébastien explains, aligot is a symbol of Aubrac culture and its delicate texture is the perfect companion for an unforgettable meal.


A simple yet perfect combination : Potato salad with white truffles by Michel Bras himself !


The flavor of white truffles is so delicate, you don’t want to lose it preparing dishes that are too elaborate. Michel Bras suggests this easy recipe, so simple yet so delicious, to enjoy their subtle aroma at their best. The simplicity of plain potatoes will enhance the subtle aroma of white truffles. You will also enjoy the contrast between the textures. Continue reading

Sébastien BRAS interview on Michelin stars (Sept.2017)

“Why I declined the Michelin stars” Sébastion BRASM&B1

I wish to waive the Sacred Graal of gastronomy.This 3rd star is a dream for dozens of chefs but I’ve decided I didn’t want it anymore.Just like sportsmen declining medals,actors declining Oscars.Among the 50 clients who come each day for lunch and for dinner,there might be inspectors checking if our restaurant lives up to Michelin’s expectations,and this causes a permanent tension,which I don’t want anymore. Continue reading


Black & Orange, Hot & Cold, Strong & Sweet, Halloween is the season for surprises!

Potimarron squash adds a delicate, chestnuts-like taste to this recipe. I pair it with a strong cacao-coffee sorbet in order to enhance its mellow sweetness.

The cake has a chewy, irresistible texture and sweetness that melts in your mouth along with the powerful sorbet.

Surprise everyone with this hot and cold, strong and mellow perfect dessert for the season.


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[Michel Bras Recipe] WALNUT CAKE AND PEARS IN HONEY & VANILLA SYRUP – Enjoy the harvest season with seasonal and flavorful nuts and fruits


As a child, I was fascinated by the magical colors I would find in the walnut liqueur that our grandmother made in the fall. They were an almost perfect black. I love peeling fresh walnuts, take out the fruit without damaging it, remove the skin, and just enjoy the fresh nut with bread.

The pear is another gift from fall. Centuries ago, the Romans ate it raw, cooked, and even made pear wine and vinegar with it.

Enjoy the combination of autumn nuts and fruits with these simple recipes which bring out the best out of both.

You will enjoy the rich and wonderful flavor hidden under their simplicity…

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[Highlight] Enjoy a late spring full course lunch at Bras restaurant

As a start, two amuse-bouche are served in the panoramic lounge with breathtaking views over Aubrac :


Amuse Bouche : Oeufs coque mouillettes

Soft boiled eggs with cereal crusts and potatoe emulsion

Bras took his inspiration from soft boiled eggs with buttered bread crusts, a staple of French home cooking. Cereal bars delicatly flavored with spices enhance the mildness of creamy eggs. Continue reading