Michel Bras appointed by François Pinault for the restaurant of his new Paris museum converted by Ando Tadao.


François Pinault, the French billionaire business man, is to open a contemporary art foundation in the former stock exchange located in the heart of Paris. Japanese architect Ando Tadao is in charge for converting the building, and Michel Bras will create the  restaurant. Continue reading

Heavenly gluten-free Valentine’s Day recipe:Michel Bras molten chocolate cake

P1020379A Bras signature dessert, the molten chocolate cake or “coulant au chocolat” is a heavenly dish and a gluten-free delight! It holds a core of molten chocolate, which will come out as a surprise when the cake crust is broken. Michel was inspired by

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Sébastien BRAS interview on Michelin stars (Sept.2017)

“Why I declined the Michelin stars” Sébastion BRASM&B1

I wish to waive the Sacred Graal of gastronomy.This 3rd star is a dream for dozens of chefs but I’ve decided I didn’t want it anymore.Just like sportsmen declining medals,actors declining Oscars.Among the 50 clients who come each day for lunch and for dinner,there might be inspectors checking if our restaurant lives up to Michelin’s expectations,and this causes a permanent tension,which I don’t want anymore. Continue reading


Black & Orange, Hot & Cold, Strong & Sweet, Halloween is the season for surprises!

Potimarron squash adds a delicate, chestnuts-like taste to this recipe. I pair it with a strong cacao-coffee sorbet in order to enhance its mellow sweetness.

The cake has a chewy, irresistible texture and sweetness that melts in your mouth along with the powerful sorbet.

Surprise everyone with this hot and cold, strong and mellow perfect dessert for the season.


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[Michel Bras Recipe] WALNUT CAKE AND PEARS IN HONEY & VANILLA SYRUP – Enjoy the harvest season with seasonal and flavorful nuts and fruits


As a child, I was fascinated by the magical colors I would find in the walnut liqueur that our grandmother made in the fall. They were an almost perfect black. I love peeling fresh walnuts, take out the fruit without damaging it, remove the skin, and just enjoy the fresh nut with bread.

The pear is another gift from fall. Centuries ago, the Romans ate it raw, cooked, and even made pear wine and vinegar with it.

Enjoy the combination of autumn nuts and fruits with these simple recipes which bring out the best out of both.

You will enjoy the rich and wonderful flavor hidden under their simplicity…

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[Highlight] Enjoy a late spring full course lunch at Bras restaurant

As a start, two amuse-bouche are served in the panoramic lounge with breathtaking views over Aubrac :


Amuse Bouche : Oeufs coque mouillettes

Soft boiled eggs with cereal crusts and potatoe emulsion

Bras took his inspiration from soft boiled eggs with buttered bread crusts, a staple of French home cooking. Cereal bars delicatly flavored with spices enhance the mildness of creamy eggs. Continue reading

[Michel Bras Recipe] Father’s Day special CLAFOUTIS AUX CERISES (with black cherries) – simple & seasonal delights without fuss

Here is a simple and delicious fruitcake from the French countryside, so easy that even children could prepare it. Celebrate Father’s Day with the help of your little ones, and enjoy the best of the season : juicy, plump black cherries.

Originally from Southern Central France, the name (pronouce “kla-fou-tee”) comes from the word « clafir » which means « to fill », as it is mostly about filling the pan with fruits and batter. 

A versatile recipe that could also be prepared with other fruits, such as plums, apricots, pears, black cherry version is the most traditional one. You should always choose your fruits ripe. Leaving the pits is another rule for clafoutis, as it brings a nutty flavor and also prevents the juice to mix with the batter.


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[Michel Bras Recipe] Mémé Bras PETIT-BEURRE CAKE

The allure of a layer cake but so easy that even a child can make it !

 Here is a quick, simple and delicious recipe to celebrate Mother’s Day with your little ones. Told by my grandma to my mother, all you need are traditional French cookies called « Petit-Beurre » with a few basic ingredients. Decoration is freestyle and you can shape it and layer it as you wish. You can also add some grated lemon zest to the cream for a refreshing taste, or add cocoa powder for a chocolate version. I like it fresh when it is still crunchy, but also when the cookies have soaked and softened in the cream.

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[Story] RCR Arquitectes wins 2017 Pritzker Prize for Architecture

In May of 2017, the Pritzker Prize will be presented in Tokyo to the 3 principals of RCR Arquitectes: Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta. The prize is the highest accolade in the world of architecture and has never been awarded to a three people team before. When it was announced on March 2nd, Michel Bras and Pierre Soulages rejoiced.   One of the teams’ more recent projects was the Soulages Museum and Café Bras in Rodez.
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