Bras to open in Paris next spring 2021

IMG_7517 2.jpg

The Bras café-restaurant “La Halle aux Grains” Bourse de Commerce Pinault Collection will be located right under this impressive glass dome, decorated with a 400 meters-long panoramic fresco.  

The Bras restaurant annual opening was delayed by two months and a half due to the current corona virus crisis. Since June 17th, Maison Bras in Laguiole is welcoming guests again, and Café Bras in the nearby Musée Soulages in Rodez,  also reopened mid-May. This year, the Bras were also due to open their first Parisian restaurant inside the Bourse de Commerce Pinault Collection, but this opening too was postponed to next spring 2021.

Situated in the beautiful Aubrac nature, with infinite vistas on the ever changing sky, Bras hotel and restaurant offers the ideal setting for a laid back and refreshing holiday away from the current tension in big cities. This season, customers seem eager to extend their stay to nurture themselves with excellent food and soothing nature.

But the French capital also deserves a taste of the Bras magic. French entrepreneur and art collector François Pinault appointed the Bras to open their first Parisian restaurant in his future museum, the Bourse de Commerce Pinault Collection, which will display his outstanding contemporary art collection along with new exhibitions.

Bourse de Commerce Pinault Collection is located in a historical monument in Les Halles area, known as la Bourse de Commerce. A round building covered by a beautiful dome in the heart of Paris, it was created in 1763 as a granary, and later became the commodities exchange in 1889.

The great Japanese architect Ando Tadao, known for his Church of Light, and a series of museums in Naoshima island  which became one of the top art destination in the world, was appointed to renovate the building into a magnificent art museum. François Pinault had already put Ando in charge of renovating the Palazzo Grass and the Punta della Dogana in Venice, Italy, to display his outstanding art collection.

A 360 degrees panoramic fresco, themed around commerce in  France and other continents decorates the monumental rotunda, has also been fully restored on this occasion.

Bras café-restaurant will offer 100 seats on the third floor, right under the glass rotunda with breathtaking views over Paris, the fresco, the art exhibit and of course Ando’s architecture.

IMG_7564 2.jpg

The restaurant view over Paris including the nearby Sainte-Eustache church in Les Halles area

Michel did some in-depth research about the building history for inspiration, and decided to name the restaurant “La Halle aux Grains” (The Granary)  in reference to a history that might  also inspire the menu.

The interior design was executed by acclaimed French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

With so much to offer in one place, there is little doubt that this Bourse de Commerce Pinault Collection will become the next destination for all art, architecture, design and food lovers from around the globe.

(From left to right) Sébastien Bras, Mathieu Muratet futur director of “La Halle aux Grains”, and Michel Bras

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