Former [Food & Wine] editor in chief Dana Cowin meets Japanese chefs with a Bras sense

Chef Sato Yoshimi from “Sato” restaurant in Kokura, with Ise ebi (Japanese spiny lobster) and bamboo shoots from Ouma known to be the finest in Japan.

Michel Bras has been traveling to Japan since the 1980’s and even opened his only restaurant abroad on the Northern island of Hokkaido. In 2005 he launched a full line of cooking knives and cookware of the highest quality with KAI, a Japanese expert of the finest blades. Japanese food culture has been inspiring his cuisine and his exploration of tools for many years, as well as his son Sébastien.

In a series of episodes, and through Dana Cowin’s eyes, we will share with you some aspects of Japanese cuisine which  have been inspiring Bras, and vice-versa… With over 20 years of experience as editor in chief of Food & Wine magazine, she is known for her exceptional knowledge and experience of culinary culture throughout the world.


Dana Cowin having a Soto Zen vegetarian meal at Kasuisai Temple

This spring, she travelled through three different regions of Japan: Kokura in Kyushu island, Toyama on the Japan Sea coast, and Shizuoka on the Pacific side. She met several outstanding chefs whose skills and philosophy are dedicated to their regions and their seasons.


Toyama’s characteristic ingredients coming into a beautiful plate at ”L’évo” near Toyama 


Dana Cowin with Kasuisai temple chef Koganeyama Tenzo


Dana Cowin with Chef Fujii HIronori from restaurant “Fujii” in Toyama


Local stripe shrimp and herbs at “Himawari Shokudou” in Toyama

Dana has also shared her culinary trip on her radio show and podcast Heritage on tour :                                                                                                                                                                    


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