Aligot and the Bras : a family thread


Aligot is a regional dish prepared with mashed potatoes, butter and a local fresh cheese known as “tome”. In a traditional style, aligot is cooked in a big cauldron over the fire in “burons”, Aubrac typical shepherd’s huts. Its elastic texture is stretched with a large, paddle-like spoon. Using tome cheese, which should be fresh but not too much, gives the unique texture that makes this dish so special.

Aligot has always been served at Bras restaurant to all customers, with the main dish. And for many years, it was Michel’s mother, Angèle, who was in charge in the kitchen to prepare it. As former cook and owner of auberge Lou Mazuc, where she trained young Michel, she knew exactly how to transform plain and simple ingredients into this delicious dish.


After she retired, Michel then Sébastien, continue to serve aligot to every guest. As Sébastien explains, aligot is a symbol of Aubrac culture and its delicate texture is the perfect companion for an unforgettable meal.


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