A simple yet perfect combination : Potato salad with white truffles by Michel Bras himself !


The flavor of white truffles is so delicate, you don’t want to lose it preparing dishes that are too elaborate. Michel Bras suggests this easy recipe, so simple yet so delicious, to enjoy their subtle aroma at their best. The simplicity of plain potatoes will enhance the subtle aroma of white truffles. You will also enjoy the contrast between the textures.


Slice them as thin as you wish using the Micro Slicer. Do it just before serving in order to fully enjoy the truffles’ fresh and rich fragrance. 



18 oz. (510 g) potatoes

5 oz. (140 g) white truffles

3 tbsp. olive oil, 1 tbsp. white wine vinegar for the vinaigrette

Salt, pepper


Wash and boil the potatoes, peel them, cut them into thin slices.


Layer on a plate and season with vinaigrette.


Slice white truffles over the potatoes using the Micro Slicer, and season with salt and pepper.


Et voilà!A simple, quick, easy and a pure delight, perfect to entertain guests or just enjoy with your family and friends.


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