Michel Bras appointed by François Pinault for the restaurant of his new Paris museum converted by Ando Tadao.


François Pinault, the French billionaire business man, is to open a contemporary art foundation in the former stock exchange located in the heart of Paris. Japanese architect Ando Tadao is in charge for converting the building, and Michel Bras will create the  restaurant.

François Pinault has created the Pinault Foundation, a  contemporary art collection partially displayed in Venice at the Palazzo Grassi and the Punta della Dogana. The new site in Paris is expected to become a major addition to the European art scene.

Mr.Pinault is said to have given carte blanche to Michel Bras, whom future restaurant has been announced as the “Halle aux Grains”, referring to the first role played as a granary by the building, built in 1763. It will be located on the third floor with a view over the city center as well as into the museum by Ando.

The Bras cuisine in the French capital is a first, the chef from Laguiole, in South West France Aveyron finally coming to Paris in the most spectacular way.

Here is how Mr.Pinault explains his choice for the non Parisian chef : “Michel Bras and I both share a common love for contemporary creativity and art, expressed in the most sincere and radical ways. At the same time, the two of us share a deep attachment to our own roots.”


After opening Café BRAS in the Soulages Museum in Rodez, France,by contemporary spanish architects RCR, Michel Bras expresses his enthusiasm for this new project : “We have been waiting for an exciting experience in Paris, and here it is. We feel very lucky to share our table with a whole new public.”

No doubt that this unique collaboration between 3 geniuses from different horizons, will open the doors to a whole new cultural, artistic and gastronomical experience in  the heart of Paris. Opening is due in spring 2019.



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