[Highlight] Enjoy a late spring full course lunch at Bras restaurant

As a start, two amuse-bouche are served in the panoramic lounge with breathtaking views over Aubrac :


Amuse Bouche : Oeufs coque mouillettes

Soft boiled eggs with cereal crusts and potatoe emulsion

Bras took his inspiration from soft boiled eggs with buttered bread crusts, a staple of French home cooking. Cereal bars delicatly flavored with spices enhance the mildness of creamy eggs.



Then, the gastronomic menu suitably named “Ballad” is served in the main restaurant hall. Guests enjoy they heavenly stroll around flavors and textures, while the ever-changing sky enhances the beauty of the Aubrac landscape.



Gargouillou de jeunes légumes

The Gargouillou (pronounce gar-gu-yu) of young vegetables. 

The most well known dish created by Michel in 1983, interpreted by Sebastien today. An ever-changing palette of textures and tastes made of herbs, flowers, seeds, vegetables, express the seasonal emotion.



Endives braisées glacées au soja émulsion de coquillages et toutes les oseilles du jardin

Braised endives candied with soy, shellfish emulsion and sorrel from the garden. 

Vegetables are one of the Bras specialties, as perfectly illustrated by this amazing dish. Inspiration comes from around the Bras many travels around the world, including Japan and its soy based cooking.



L’artichaut frit au beurre clairifé & jus au pain et à l’anchois, bouillon à l’ail gélifié et balsamite de Lagardelle

Deep-fried artichoke with anchovy, garlic broth and balsamite. 

Herbs, vegetables, flowers are hand picked every morning in Michel’s garden, and dishes evovle according to them.



Les fèves, petits pois & mange-tout relevés d’échalote ciselée et peau de lait de pays et mâche des montagnes

Broad beans, peas with shallot, lamb’s lettuce and milk skin

Milk skin is a staple of Bras recipe in both salted and sweet dishes, a home cooking staple offering a suprising harmony with beans and greens.



Le carré de brebis poêlé, citron lacto-fermenté

Pan-fried ewe, lactic acid fermented lemon


A wonderful combination of the Mediterranean fermented lemon with the delicate flavor of ewe meat.


Carré de brebis, aligot

Ewe with aligot


Aligot An authentic Aubrac experience,this local traditional dish is made of local Tome cheese blended into mash potatoes. With a smooth and elastic texture it makes a wonderful side for all meat dishes. Since the opening of the restaurant, Michel’s mother was in charge of preparing aligot for all the guests, till her early eighties.



Chariot de fromages

Then, a fantastic cheese cart is brought to your table. An array of local and regional specialties, from cow milk cheeses to goat milk cheeses, sheep milk cheeses, fresh to old, hard type to soft type, all coming from Aveyron and nearby regions. You can try different types of Roquefort, called the champagne of cheese, that is exclusively produced in Roquefort caves, located in Southern Aveyron. Taste and flavor varies according to the cave, and this is a rare opportunity to experience their subtle differences. The local hard type Laguiole cheese is another must, with a flavor that evolves with age: the cart offers 8 months, 14 months, 29 months aged Laguiole cheeses. Other cheeses from small local producers are pure delights that you couldn’t experience anywhere else.



A great Côtes-du-Rhône from Domaine Charvin

A fine bottle brought by Mr.Laurent Charvin himself on his recent visit to the Bras.



Le biscuit tiède coulant au cèleri côte, crème glacée au cèleri boule

Celery coulant with celery ice cream

Created by Michel in 1981, the runny centered dessert continues its evolution under Sebastien, with this suprising and delicious celery flavored version.11.jpg




Déclinaison à la patate douce et touche de maïs

Variations around sweet potatoe with a hint of corn

After this memorable treat, you can relax taking coffee or “thé d’Aubrac” (local mint tea) with mignardises and milk and fruit flavored liquors, either at your table or back in the panoramic lounge, in a blissful state.

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