[Preview] “The upcoming recipe – Enjoy Easter with Michel Bras’ recipes”

Have you prepared for Easter 2016 already? Make something special on your table to share with family and friends this year! Three amazing recipes for Easter are on the way for you to try out!

“A the beginning of times was the egg…

Eggs hold the origin of life and a promise for new beginnings.
Celebrated throughout history, decorated eggs were found in 6,000 years old Babylonian tombs.
In India they used to be painted blue, red in the Middle-East, while in Central Europe, they were ornated with elaborate motifs. Christian Easter took over these traditions, to celebrate Resurrection.
Funny how the Easter egg is not associated with a hen, but rather with a rabbit!
An animal symbolizing energy and movement…
And eggs are a real concentration of energy : a single egg provides the ideal amount of proteins for a whole day.
Not mentioning its amazing versatility, offering us such a variety of dishes, sweet and salted, cooked in so many different ways!
Egg’s tiny yellow sunshine illuminates the whole kitchen, bringing joy and happy moments to all,
and Easter is a special time to celebrate this wonder food.”
— Michel BRAS




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