[Story] “Mizuhiki – The story behind the new gift set wrap”

This new gift set containing Michel Bras cookware is particularly special for the way in which it is wrapped. It is tied using a red and white knot over a small fan. Each element has special significance.
In Japan, there is an art to the gift package. Here, both the red and white strings that form the knot or “Mizuhiki” and the silk paper “kinugami” used for the fan are both traditional handcrafts. The paper for the fan comes from the Toyama region, an area that is rich in its history of crafts. Here’s the beautiful story behind it:

Usually, a silk cocoon is produced by a single silkworm. But it can happen that two silkworms meet to create one cocoon together. This rare and precious silk known as “Shikekinu” has been highly valued over the centuries as the finest material for sliding doors in Japanese interiors, when glued on traditional “washi” paper.
As a rare gift from love, Shikekinu shows distinctive motifs while reflecting light in subtle ways from sunrise to candle light, inviting us to enjoy every moment through its ephemeral beauty.
With the help of a designer from Toyama region in Japan, we have finely woven and crafted it into a fan, as a way to enjoy Shikekinu’s ever changing natural beauty.
The plum-shaped “mizuhiki” strings (a traditional decoration for gifts) are also made with silk, enhancing the soft and elegant reflection of light.


This gift set was first offered for Valentine’s Day but it will soon be available for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

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